Hooligan Key Chain (Glow in Dark Stitching)

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These key chains come with a heavy key ring and are made of durable fabric with a plastic stiffener sandwiched between then stitched to retain its shape. They measure 1 inch by 5 inches. They are tough durable and wont scratch your plastics when bouncing on the your ride. Use them for your sled, trailer lock key, garage key or your car and never loose your keys again if you drop them in the snow. We all have a million pockets in our gear and somehow it's hard to grab a single set of keys with gloves on. Not with this key chain, there easy to find and easy to hold onto. Contrasted black against the snow and there very easy to find if you drop them when your getting off at your local watering hole or gas stop. The weight of the key will drop and the keychain will stand up in the snow making it very visible to find and grab onto. Not only that but the stitching is glow in the dark so make night finding even easier.