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This tickets allows 1 individual to enter the Hooligan Summer Bash. Tickets are not transferrable and need to be shown to enter the event. The tickets allow us to not only get an accurate count of attendees but also help pay for the costs associated with hosting an event.  We have to bring in porta johns and fireworks buy a tarp large enough for the downhill slip and slide. Nothing is free and we ask that you consider this. Bring your own refreshments as they will not be provided. This ticket is only for admission. If you wish to park your trailer at the event you must pay Schubach farms for the cost of parking a camper on property. Tent camping is free. There are NO trailer hookups at the event however they do have water to fill your water tank for a small fee. Bring a generator. Event is August 18th and 19th if you wish to bring fireworks please let me know.  There is also 13 miles of trails right on the property if you wish to take your quad down them. Access is also available to the trail system using county and local roads. ORV's must keep one set of tires off the road and maintain a speed of 30mph unless otherwise posted, while on paved county and city roadways. ORV's Cannot impede vehicle traffic in any way and must safely yield to any and all road traffic unless you are plated and registered vehicle. Sorry I have to charge taxes cause they charge me. We will be taking the tear off section of the ticket with your name wrote on the back for door prizes.