24 Inch Large Trailer Sticker

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This is our biggest sticker of all. 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall this sticker will be a very visible addition to the rear or front or sides of your trailer. No better way to show your a Hooligan then this sticker. No mistaking your a Hooligan when you and your trailer are rolling down the road. This sticker is weather resistant, 3m backed glue and will stand up to rain, cold, road salts, snow and ice. Clean area to be applied to in a normal way you would apply any sticker, add heat to seal the glue to the surface. Playing cards not included merely for size. 

Warning: Follow these installation tips prior to attempting this install. Note this sticker is a 3m backed glue that is made for outdoor use which requires a heat activation. Also Note that the sticker may come with some release from the backing paper. This is normal as the glue is not yet activated. 

Once you have decided on where your sticker will be placed clean the area with 70/30 isopropyl alcohol. DO NOT use any household cleaners, vinegars, glass cleaner, bleach or any household cleaners. These products will adversely affect the glue and desired affect of the glue. Clean with a soft cloth and allow to dry prior to sticker placement.

Now offer up your sticker into its final resting place with backing paper still on. Use 2 small pieces of painters tape or tape that will release easy to secure the top of the sticker to the mating surface. Stand back and make sure this is where you wish it to remain. If not adjust and reapply the tape.

Once you have decided on the placement remove the backing paper from the bottom ribbon by tearing it away at the center so that just the bottom ribbon is exposed. Once it is exposed begin to press the sticker down to the surface working from the center outward right side then left. Slowly is the key to getting a good adhesion with no air bubbles or wrinkles. If you are not happy with anything you can carefully remove the sticker because it has not been activated yet. Do not pull hard just firm and careful or you can stretch the material. 

With the bottom ribbon stuck to the surface you can remove the top 2 pieces of tape holding the top of the sticker and let the sticker then fall down to reveal the entirety of the backing paper. Slowly lift the backing paper an inch at a time from the bottom up and reveal the sticker glue surface and press into place. Only do this a little at a time using your thumb to smooth it or the tool provided if purchased or a credit card. working from the bottom up as to not trap any air under the sticker. If the backing paper is getting in your way during this process just tear the section of it that is no longer needed away to alleviate the difficulty.

When you have completed your sticker you can move onto securing the glue. Side Note: if you come across a rivet you can cut around the rivet and just let it come through the sticker. It will become very difficult to get the sticker to adhere to the rivet. Again starting at the bottom using your thumb or felt covered squeegee, apply heat from a dryer on high or a heat gun on low and you work the sticker from the center out to the left and the right. If you get small air bubbles do not panic. Take a razor and cut a small slit in the bubble and allow the air to release the with a little heat and pressure of your thumb it will be completely invisible. Do Not overheat the sticker or you can shrink it or burn it. Keep the sticker warm but not hot to the touch. 

Once completed allow the glue to cool and cure for 24 hours before attempting to wash the area or allow it to get wet.